Sunday, August 24, 2008


Charlee... you're in sooooooooo much trouble! ~grin~

Okay, my Sis-n-law, Charlee, has tagged me for this excruciating exercise for which I will never forgive her! But, being a good sport I'm going to play along to the best of my limited abilities. So now I have to mentally weed through all my eccentricities and narrow them down to 7. That in and of itself will be quite a task, but here goes.

**Rules first: #1) If you are tagged, you must first post the rules. #2) You must then write 7 strange characteristics about yourself. They interest us all! #3) Tag 5 other people at the end of your Post. And lastly #4) Visit everyone that you have tagged and leave a comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.

Quirk #1) I love to go for long car rides with no particular destination necessary, but I absolutely hate to drive! I have a dread of being the driver that probably borders on a phobia. I just love being a passenger and watching the countryside go by. We live in such a beautiful country and I just love looking at the wildlife, the homes and anything else that happens to whiz by my window! The beauty of all of this is I married a man who loves to drive! No kidding, we just love to get in the car and go. We are definitely an example of two halves making a whole. And if there's some ice cream at the end of our journey so much the better. Hmmmm ice cream, that could almost be quirk #2!

Quirk #2) I'm an Anglophile! Yup. A true blue, died in the wool Anglophile. I love anything English. I love reading about their history, especially the Tudors. I love, love drinking tea. I love English mysteries. Biscuits for cookies, chips for fries, a fry-up for breakfast. I could go on forever, but luckily for you I won't :) I have been this way since I was a young girl reading all of those classic novels. See what reading can do to a young mind? Anyway, my dream is to someday visit our cousins across the big drink but then I would have to get over my phobia of flying! I told you this list would be hard to limit to 7!

Quirk #3) Okay, I do have to include my love of ice cream. I'm almost sure it borders on the abnormal. For some people it is drink and others drugs. For me it is truly ice cream. I consider it as being a major food group. If I designed the FDA's food pyramid ice cream would have it's own slice! There have been many times when I've sworn off the stuff in a futile effort to lose weight, but it is always there in the freezer calling my name. I have eaten it for lunch, dinner and of course dessert. Although, I can honestly say I have yet to succumb to enjoying it for breakfast! I feel so ashamed!

Quirk #4) I'm incredibly shy. I would rather take a beating than meet new people, go to large parties, be in a crowd. The first time I met my husband's family was at a 4 of July party at his sister, Shirley's house. He asked me to go on ahead and take his Mom with me. Okay, I'm thinking a family BBQ I can do this. After all I come from a family of 9. Well, we get there and there must be half of California in the backyard! Okay, maybe just 100 people! I felt my knees weaken, my stomach lurch and the cold sweat start. The only thing that kept my legs moving forward was the plan forming in my mind to KILL him the minute I saw him. Obviously I lived through it. Married him instead of ending his life and the rest is history!

Quirk #5) I like things to be in their place. I'm forever "putting stuff away". I just like things to look ordered. I have more "stuff" than the average bear, but it all has it's place. As I child I just loved things like ledger books and graphing paper with all of the "neat" little lines! Pretty bad huh? I'm still that way, but do my best to temper it and not impose my obsession on others. Honest! Which leads me to #6

Quirk #6) I love stuff! I hate barren walls, corners, counters, goes on. It has been a family joke for years that Peggy loves "stuff". As a child when asked what I wanted for Christmas I apparently would reply "oh, just stuff!". Well, it hasn't changed. A vacant corner in my house will drive me crazy until I find the perfect "thing" to fill it. Imagine my delight as a young wife when I spied my first corner cabinet!

Quirk #7) I hate to talk on the phone. I hate phones. Swore I would never have a cell phone! But then my daughter decided to move to Florida and I had to have one for her and myself! It is all Julie's fault ~grin~ I think everyone should have email. I love to talk through writing. Weird I guess but, true. Now, I enjoy talking with my family occasionally on the phone of course, catch up on all the news and such. But as an everyday means of communicating all the minutiae of life, no thanks! And calling businesses and being put on hold, pushing buttons and then getting someone who just learned English last week....pleeeeez! I love to receive and read emails. In the days before email I loved to receive and write letters. What a shame it is a lost art! You can get so much more out of a letter (email). I have laughed and cried out loud reading those written messages. To me it is so much more personal. Someone taking the time and making the effort to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas just for you!

So, there you have it. A few well chosen quirks about me! Now the sad part is I don't have 5 bloggers to send it to! That's something else that could be probably be one of my quirks. I'm a very self-contained person. I have a small network of family and friends who mean everything in the world to me, but am not part of a larger social circle. I will send an email to my daughter, son, hubby, my wonderful sisters~n~law and let them know they need to visit my blog. Who knows, maybe it will inspire them to start their own blogs? Maybe I can start a "written" word revolution....dreams for a mere mortal I'm afraid!

Anyway Charlee, just remember.... I won't forget this one!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Visit

Well, my little girl has gone home! What a wonderful time we had. I never really realize just how much I miss her until I see her again. I don't think I could have put in a custom order for a better daughter. She is so funny, intelligent and empathetic. She also plays a mean game of Canasta!

This time I noticed that Julie is no longer a little girl. It seems that she has grown up in the 18 months since our last visit. She is truly an adult now...when did that happen?? I must not have been paying enough attention. Of course, she will always and forever be my baby girl. Nothing will ever change that.

We had so much fun. We took a ride out to Rifle Falls. What an absolutely gorgeous setting! I was busily taking pictures with my new digital camera when it died mid-pic! The batteries quit after only a few pictures. I was so mad I could have spit! Oh well, such is life. But Corky, Julie and I had a really good time. We walked up behind the falls and it is just breath taking.

We did quite a bit of clothes shopping too. It was so much fun to buy her some real "girly girl" things. I remember a time when I couldn't buy her anything if there was a flower or piece of lace anywhere near it. I really enjoyed our shopping and lunch dates.

One of the things I enjoyed the most was cooking for her. Living in Florida for the past 6 years she never gets to eat Mexican food and having grown up in San Diego it is her absolute favorite food to eat. I have quasi-mastered making soft tacos, pico de gallo and rice, which is her favorite. So, if I wasn't making Mexican we were dining out at the fabulous little Mexican place here in town. Then we topped it all off with Sonic Java Chillers. Life just doesn't get much better than that.

So, now the plan is for her, Toneh! and Mauss to come to Colorado to live. It is just too expensive for them in Florida on their fixed incomes. I can't wait. I know it won't happen immediately because they both have "planning" issues but I know it is coming. Yeah! It's Jully!

Corky was so sweet when she left. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry. The night she left he turned to me and said, "I think I have empty nest syndrome. I just miss Julie so much!" God, I just love that man!

Okay Julie hurry up and pack! Your Mummy misses you!