Monday, November 17, 2008

Knit One, Save One

I just taught myself how to knit! I have been searching for a new "passion" since having to give up Counted Cross Stitch due to a severe lack of cooperation from aging eyes! I have dabbled a little bit in Scrapbooking, and while I enjoyed it I just didn't get that "feeling" one gets when they're doing something they love.

I loved Cross Stitch. It was relaxing. I made beautiful gifts for people. It made me feel creative and was certainly time well spent. Well, guess what? I get the same feeling from knitting! I love it! I'm always thinking of what I want to make next. I'm addicted to yarn, much the same way I was to floss! It just feels right.

Now for the icing on the cake.... I found the perfect charity to knit for this season! It lets me contribute even though I lack any real skill at knitting just yet. It is through and is called "Knit One, Save One". We're all knitting hats for new born babies in third world countries that will be included in kits given out to new mothers. This small gift gives these babies a fighting chance at survival. All donations are going to a central donation center (Brooklyn, New York) with a gift tag attached to each hate. We're also including a letter to President-Elect Obama. This is a wonderful, non-partisan cause, that is inexpensive, easy to do and has the potential to save a life!!

I made my first hat for this project and was so surprised at how easy it was. I hope anyone who can knit or crochet will give donating to this cause some serious thought! I know that I will be making many more of these little hats and sending them on their way to warm those tiny little ones who need all the help they can get.

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Shelly said...

Welcome to the Wonderful Wide World of knitting. It's great to see you've already found a charity to receive the bounty of your talents. You'll meet many wonderful people now that you've learned this craft, and no doubt you'll continue to stretch your horizons and learn even more in the years to come. Happy to have you as a new and obviously talented knitter.