Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Julie's almost here!

I'm so nervous! Julie's flying in tomorrow from Florida. I haven't seen her since New Years 2007! I miss her so much. I'm sure I've been driving her crazy the past couple of weeks. I'm like a child with the anticipation and excitement and she's sooooooooo understated in her emotions. I have called her every few days for the past three weeks with just one question. "Are you excited yet????!!!!". I can hear her chuckle before she answers (like indulging a child). "Well, kinda.. almost Mom...I'll let you know". I know she misses me something fierce, as I do her. Its just that we're so far apart of the emoting scale, must be why we get along so well.

Corky is every bit as excited as I am. I just love him for that. He's taken my children straight to his heart. I frequently overhear him telling people about "his kids". Every time I hear that I realize what a wonderful man I just happened to meet, fall in love with and be lucky enough to marry!

Well, gotta run and start getting Julie's room ready for her. I'm sooooo excited...duh! She's my fragile yet incredibly strong daughter and I just can't wait to give her the biggest Magic Mummy Hug! It's Julie-Bug!

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