Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is all new to me...

I have my sis~n~law, Charlee to blame for this one! I would never have even considered doing a "Blog" if I hadn't seen hers! It is all your fault Charlee. The whole Pettis clan has changed my life in more ways than one. But between Charlee and her brother, Corky (my hubby-the nomad), I'm not even the same person anymore. Of course, it has all been change for the better.

I've gone from being to a stick in the mud to being almost carefree. "Almost" being the operative word here! But really, I've been places and seen things that I would have only dreamed about if not for meeting the love of my life Corky. Funny, how such a chance opportunity could turn into a life changing event. The city girl meets country boy and never looks back. It sounds almost banal but it was so much more. There's more to this story than would fit on this page or that should probably even be put on this page. Just suffice it to say for now that it has been and is an ongoing adventure!

Then there's teasing, loving sis~n~law! She gets me every time! She's corrupted me in only the best and most loving manner! She lives to shock me, which frankly isn't all that hard. I miss her!

Well, that'll do for today. I have to think this blogging thing through just a bit more before I really let it rip!

This one is for you Charlee :)

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Charlee said...

*gasp* Shocking? MOI? Surely you jest!!
Actually Dearest Sister, I probably wouldn't sit for hours dreaming of things to make you blush if you didn't make it so much fun!! ~grin~
I'm so glad you've started a blog! It's lookin' GOOD!